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        Tim Harrison
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        "nada's cinematic songwriter." 
        The Boston Globe
        In the story of nada's folk music festivals, Tim was there at the very beginning and he's still there now. While founding one of nada's major festivals and helping to nurture several others, he has continued to write and perform his exquisitely crafted music at venues across the country. Here's Tim's story  of how roots music rolled across the country to become a major force in our culture. It's a wonderful journey and we couldn't ask for a better guide than Tim Harrison.
        David Essig

        As creator and curator of seminal folk festivals and events, and as a champion of great nadian songwriters (and being one himself) Tim Harrison has left a lasting heartprint on the folk world.  His insights and memories will be a treasure for any lover of nadian Folk Music.
        Eileen McGann 
        Singer, songwriter, painter.

        Tim Harrison has blazed many trails, avenues of cultural expression, roads which we in nadian folk music have trod for years, and now he shares that with all of us;  this book with lift eyebrows. 
        Singer, entertainer, musician

        Softcover and Audio download available now.
        Click here to purchase for immediate shipping.
        Acoustic Espionage Deluxe Combo
        Paperback and Audio Books together at one special price.
        Click here for information
        My ninth album, Backporch Confidential, just released!
        12 new songs all available at www.timharrison.bandmp.com
        and on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal etc.
        This has been a real labour of love, and while initially it was supposed to be a vol and guitar album, mandolins and banjos snuck in along with backup vols by my partner rol Edwards and drums on the track below which featured my old friend Rodger Tippin on the kit...acoustic guitar and drums...works for me!
        Really hoping you will check this out (it's hassle free to listen through whole songs on Bandmp before deciding to purchase) and that you will enjoy it when you do!
        In the meantime have a listen to my tribute to the Rocket Radio and to "The Big 8" CKLW radio which I listened to as a young teen.
        Photo by rol L. Edwards
        NEW VIDEO!!
        Tim Live at the Heartwood Concert Hall
        View and Listen